You might have heard through social media posts already, but here’s the official announcement: Our inaugural SLAM! Champion is Tiana Northage!!!!!!!
Our Finals saw the best crowd of our run, and amazing performances from our poets on stage. Thank you to those who spread the word about our little niche production, which is only just a taste of what you might experience in the Winnipeg Poetry Slam community.
Big thanks to Rob Malo for hosting the entire run, and doing a fantastic job of it at that! Also to KimmyZee Jaremglinski for her hard work in mentoring me through the process of building and promoting a show (Rob did a fair bit of that too!).
Big love to my fellow poets who showed up for meetings, fundraisers and shows, knowing that they were all stepping outside of their comfort zones to grow as writers and performers. To Rob Malo, Mike Johnston, Tino Hove, Brenden Gali, Larysa Musick, Kortnee Stevens, KimmyZee, and Tiana Northage, thank you all for coming along on this ride with me. I’m so proud and honored to have experienced this with you.
Thank you to our volunteers, Aaron Simm, Amber O’Reilly, Kier Mailan, Lindsey Olver, Mason Victor Kanne, and Joanne Schapansky for helping us make the show happen. Super big thanks to Stephen Sim, Caitlin Curtis, Rob Gee and Penny Ashton for joining us and helping us to build a space inside of the Fringe community!
We have something here, folks. Something that impacted audience members enough to come back and see us a second and third time. I can’t wait to see the show, and our community grow as a result!